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Advantages of registering a PTY LTD Company

1. Formalize your business

Registering a company entails submitting documents to CIPC. Once your application is approved, you will receive a company registration number. Your business is then official and you will be able to trade with other formal businesses as well as government departments.

2. Build your brand

Your company is registered with a unique name of your choice. This name becomes your brand and all the hard work that you put into your company goes towards building your brand.

3. Tax incentives

The South African government realizes that businesses are the life blood of the economy and therefore provides good tax incentives for companies. Companies are subject to a more favourable rate than sole proprietors, for example, whos tax rates increase considerably as income increases.

4. Easy to register

A PTY LTD company is very easy and inexpensive (our packages) to start. Our company, BETTER BOOKKEEPERS AND BUSINESS CONSULTANTS makes it super fast too. Your company can be up and running in three days flat!

5. Separate legal entity

A PTY LTD company is a separate legal entity from its owners/ shareholders/ directors. This means that a registered company can sue and be sued in its own right and creditors can not go after the assets of directors/ shareholders.